Rules & Regulations

Below are the full rules of the Croydon Monday Dart League. A copy of which can be downloaded here.

1. The League is to be named “Croydon Monday Dart League”.

2. The League shall consist of: Companies, Social Clubs, Public Houses, Wine Bars, etc.

3. All League members will conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner. Failure to comply could after investigation, result in short or long term suspension from the League for either the individual or team involved. NB: All appeals are to be put in writing and are to reach the League Committee within seven days of the original decision. However, the individual/team will remain suspended until the Committee makes a final decision.

4. The AGM shall consist of any one member from each team plus the League Committee. Each team will have one vote, with the Chairman having the casting vote.

5. The AGM will be held on any Thursday of a designated month starting at 20:00. The venue will be announced during the season.

6. Monthly meetings will be held during the Winter season on Thursdays as notified via the Fixtures List. All meetings will start at 8:30pm. If a Pub/Club has more than one team, then one person from that venue may represent all teams.                                                                   Updated August 2011

7. Any team failing to appear at meetings, as described in Rule 7, on three occasions or any team that does not appear for any three League matches will automatically be expelled from the League.

8. Any team expelled from the League can apply to re-enter the League for the following season. This will only be allowed, however, if the team in question has paid all outstanding fines in full and if the League votes in favour of them re-entering at the AGM.

9. The minutes for each meeting are to be taken for the record and re-read at the following meeting. The League requires a Minute Secretary for this Rule to be implemented.

10. The Treasurer must provide an up-to-date income and expenditure analysis of all League funds every quarter for the perusal of any members should they so wish.

11. Any team advised of an upcoming AGM and who then fail to attend will not be included in the League unless there are intermitting circumstances. Any team applying to join the League after the AGM, but before commencement of the start of the season, can only enter at the discretion of the Committee.

12. Entrance fee per team is £80 for the winter and £30 for the summer. This is to be paid in full at the AGM in either cash or by cheque made payable to: CROYDON MONDAY DART LEAGUE.
Updated August 2013

13. Teams are allowed to register 12 players free of charge. Any extra players over this will be subject to a signing-on fee of £2 per player. NB: A maximum of 18 players per team can be registered.

14. If a team has the maximum of eighteen players registered, they must de-register a player before they can register a new player. The £2 signing-on fee still applies.

15. A player is registered when that person has played their first game for any one team                                                                 Updated August 2011

16. No substitutions will be permitted in any League or Cup games once the games have started.

17. Any team found to be playing a player under another registered players name (i.e. RINGERS), will have the individual banned for a period of time determined by the committee. All points the team playing a ringer obtained will be deducted. The Pairs, Fours and eight points (if won by the offending team) will be added to their opponents score. The same will be applied to the singles that the offending player took part in if he/she won the game. As an example, if the offending team won 8-7, they would lose the 8 points, whilst their opponents could receive up to another 4 points depending on results.
Updated August 2013



18. A player may transfer to another team, but only with the consent of the Committee                                                              Updated August 2011

19. Any player transferring from one team to another can carry his/her individual Game Shots, 180’s and Highest Game Shot with them but they will not be added to their new team’s total.


20. No player under the age of 14 can play in the League. Should any player appear to look under the age of 14, then the League can and will ask for proof of age (e.g. Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.). Any team fielding a player that may infringe the licensing laws, must contact the Landlord/Landlady or Club Steward prior to the match. If permission is not given there is nothing the League can do.

21. Matches are to be played on Mondays as per fixture list.

22. Each Secretary is responsible for their own result cards. This includes the writing of both team names and their players’ names (initial and surname only) in block capitals on the Result Card before the start of the match. Also, the two Team Captains are to sign each Result Card after checking that both are the same. NB: No nicknames are to be shown on the Result Card. Game Shots are to be marked by an ‘X’ in the relevant columns. Names are to be printed in block capitals for Highest Game Shot. If Teams have more than 1 player in the team with the same Surname the FULL Christian name must also be entered on the card regardless of what sex they are.

23. In the event of a League Table tie (points, games won, straight eights) then a play-off will be played to decide the winner.
In the event of a tie during the SUMMER LEAGUE, Points and then games won will decide. If these are equal then a play-off will take place prior to the start of the next round.                                               Updated August 2013

24. a) Any team failing to fulfill a fixture shall forfeit 10 points with 5 points being deducted from their own total. The only circumstances allowed will be in the event of a funeral at which several members of the same team are attending. In the event of a second failure, the team may be expelled from the League. NO GAME WILL BE DECLARED VOID. Only the Committee has the right to decide if a match is to be postponed.
b) The League will fine any team £5 for failing to attend a fixture without notifying the league Chairman or Secretary at least 4 days in advance.   Updated August 2013

25. If a team withdraws from the League, all points obtained by any opposing teams will be deleted from the 1st or 2nd half of the season. NB: Highest Game Shots will still stand.

26. Matches are to be played on a GOOD STANDARD board with good lighting and no restriction to a type of dart. There should be a RAISED oche set at 7ft 9¼in from the dart board and the board should be set at 5ft 8in from the floor.

27. Any dart thrown with or without a flight shall be classed as a thrown dart. All darts must be thrown POINT FIRST. Any dart that is thrown in any other way will result in that leg being awarded to the opposing team.

28. Matches should begin with an Open Board at 20:15 with the start of the match at 20:30. Any team not arriving on time will forfeit one point for every fifteen minutes late e.g. 1st fours, 2nd fours, 1st pair, etc.

29. The home team are to score and call all League matches.

30. A minimum of six players constitutes a team;

Format for Six                                    Format for Seven
1 x Fours                                           2 x Fours
3 x Pairs                                             4 x Pairs
6 x Singles                                         7 x Singles
1 x Straight Six v Opponents 8           1 x Straight Seven v Opponents 8
Forfeit: 1 Four, 1 Pair and 2 Singles   Forfeit: 1 x Single
Play: 1 Four as a 3 v 4
1 Pair as a 1 v 2

31. a) Format of full team should be played in the following order: 2 Fours (801), 4 Pairs (701), 8 Singles (501) which are drawn and a Straight Eight (1001).
32. Both Teams named players are to be displayed before the start of the match. All games straight start, double to finish with one leg for each game.

33. Only the throwing player can ask the caller what is scored or what is left from 170 downward. The caller is also the Referee and his/her decision is final. NO TEAM MEMBER IS TO TELL THE THROWER WHAT IS LEFT OR WHAT TO GO FOR. RULE 3 APPLIES AND COULD LEAD TO SUSPENSION.

34. The Referee (caller) will only once verbally warn any player who steps on/over the oche. If the player persists in breaking this rule, the Referee will call a “no score”, thus making it the opponents throw.

35. In all League matches the Away team goes first.


36. A fine of £5 is due from any venue not represented at the monthly meetings. Only one person can represent one venue.

37. A fine of £5 and a 3 point deduction is due for any late Result Cards not received by midday FRIDAY of the same week. This also applies to teams that submit their result by email.  Should any team allow the opposing team to take their Result Card and it fails to arrive before the aforementioned date, both teams will be fined £5 and three points will be deducted from both of the teams. Teams will now text or e-mail their results either on Monday nights or Tuesday and then follow this up with the result card which MUST be received by FRIDAY of that week. This will allow the secretary to update the results/tables earlier. Game shots etc. will be posted a week in arrears.
Updated August 2013

38. A fine of £5 is due for any Away Team who has not given at least four days’ notice of a cancelled match. This money is to be given to the League and only when it has been collected, will the League transfer it to the Home Team.

39. Any outstanding monies owed at any meeting will result in that team being excluded from the monthly tote. This includes any team not present at Second Roll Call.

40. Any outstanding monies not paid by the end of a season will result in one point being deducted per £1 owed.


41. The top two teams from each Division are to receive ten personal trophies plus one perpetual trophy.
42. In the League, the winner of the most Game Shots, most Singles, most 180’s and the Highest Game Shot will receive one personal trophy and one perpetual trophy.

43. In the Divisions, the winner of the most Game Shots, most Singles and the Highest Game Shot will receive one personal trophy each.

44. 180’s: One to three to receive certificates (only upon request), four or more to receive a trophy.
44a. Game shot trophies for single and most game shots in each division will no longer apply. Instead both of these will be replaced by one overall winner. The same will apply to the highest checkout.
Updated August 2014

45. Competition fees: Singles is £2.50 per person (501 x 3), Pairs are £3 per pair (701 x3) and Fours are £6 per four (801 x 3). This increase was agreed at 2011 AGM                                                     Updated August 2011

46. For all competitions: Only those players present at the time of the draw will be allowed to play. Registration is by 8:15pm and the draw to be made at 8:30pm
47. Only players registered with the League can enter any Competition run by the League.

48. Captain and Secretary Competitions format: Best of Three. Sec v Sec (501 x 1), Captain v Captain (501 x 1), Sec & Captain v Sec & Captain (701 x1). Only the Team Captain and Team Secretary can enter the Captain and Secretary Competition unless one person takes both positions. If this is the case, then he/she will play as Secretary and his/he Vice-Captain will play as Captain. NB: Only if a Vice-Captain is registered. No change of Captain or Secretary will be accepted after the halfway point of League fixtures.

49. For all Competitions, last named player(s) from the draw will score and call the first game. From then on the loser from each game will score and call the next game played. Any player failing to comply with this will be banned from all competitions the following season.

50. Fours Competition: a 5th named player may be used in any round, but the same four must complete any three legs if all are required.

51. Pairs Competition: If only one player attends, he may also play against two, missing every other throw.

52. Any team failing to return the League’s perpetual trophies by the designated date could be fined to the value of a replacement trophy. Failure to comply with Rule may result in that team’s exclusion from the League. All perpetual trophies are the property of the League (old or new).
52a. Teams winning a Perpetual Trophy must now pay a deposit of £25. This will be deducted from the next year’s registration fee when the trophy is returned.
Updated August 2014
53. League Cup: Should any team fail to appear for the 1st round of the League Cup they will automatically be excluded from the Consolation Cup.

54. No League Cup or Consolation Cup match will be cancelled for any reason unless special authorization is given from the League Committee.
54a League & Consolation Cups will now be played as the first team to 8 points
Updated August 2014
55 SUMMER LEAGUE  After the initial league stages, teams will decide who is to start the match by a toss of the coin. Chalking & calling is to be shared by both teams.
Amended August 2014
55a. Any team using a one line electronic scoreboard MUST back this up with a paper copy.                                                               Updated August 2011

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